Visit the Octopus’s Garden

Join our Zoom presentation of Julie Goettsch’s visits to the “Octopus’s Garden in Hawaii”!

Julie lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. Growing up near the ocean, in Orange County, California, the first island she fell in love with was Catalina, where at the age of six, she learned to snorkel off her dad’s boat. She cannot remember a time when she could not swim, and has never known any fear of the ocean. After 25 years working in the public schools, Julie Goettsch fell into a second career in management at IBM Global Services in Boulder, Colorado. For the next 15 years, she continued exploring the world, discovering more tropical islands in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. One day, while diving in Tahiti, she and her fellow divers were visited by a Humpback Whale and her calf. She has had a camera in her hand ever since during most of her 3,000 dives!

To register for the Zoom meeting email [email protected].